Organ workshop course and concert series with Ilya Völlmy Kudrjavtsev

April 3, 2017, midnight

Organ workshop course and concert series with Ilya Völlmy Kudrjavtsev (30.03.- 03.04.2017)

From 30.03 to 03.04.2017, Haliciana Schola Cantorum (HSC) organised an orgaт workshop course and concert series with the organist Ilya Völlmy Kudrjavtsev.
He is a chief organist of the city church in Liestal (Switzerland) and a leader of concert series "Heure Mystique". He regularly performs in Switzerland, France, Germany, and England.

In the workshop course, eight students took part, among them five students of Dnipro Music Academy. The course participants had the opportunity to try out six organs: in Lviv, the Rieger-Kloss organ in the Organ Hall (the biggest pneumatic organ in Ukraine), the J. Sliwinski organ at the cathedral and the HSC's Kisselbach digital organ; in Zhovkva, the Genf organ at the local cathedral; in Rivne, the Rieger-Kloss organ at the philharmonic, and in Chernivtsi, the Rieger-Kloss organ at the Armenian Church. Every day the students got lessons from Ilya Völlmy Kudrjavtsev and had the opportunity to practice on different organs.

On 30th March, Ilya Völlmy Kudrjavtsev played the HSC's organ at the opening concert of the Chamber and Organ Music Festival at the St. Peter and Paul church in Lviv, where the remains of an old organ from the 18th century are to be restored. The fact that the organ sounded here for the first time in nearly a century evoke great interest. There were media reports about the event.

On 31th March, a concert at the Armenian church in Chernivtsi took place, and on 1st April, another one at the Rivne Philharmonic. On 2nd April, Ilya Völlmy Kudrjavtsev performed at the Lviv Organ Hall.

On 3rd April, the students of the workshop course played a concert in Zhovkva, where a piece by Ukrainian composer Myroslav Wolynsky was performed for the first time.