Concert and workshop with Natalia Raithel Zeitz and George Hlawiczka

Nov. 25, 2018, 6 p.m.

The violinists Natalia Raithel Zeitz (Munich) and George Hlawiczka (London), both renowned and internationally active soloists, share common Eastern European origin: Natalia was born in Lviv, and George in the Czech Republic. In 2011 both of them, as well as Ivan Dukhnych, played in the NCPA National Symphony Orchestra of India in Mumbai, where the three musicians got to know each other. There arose an idea to perform once as a string trio, preferably in Lviv. On 25th November 2018, this dream came true: the violin trio performed a concert in the Mirror Hall of the Lviv Opera House that included pieces by Ch. Bériot, P. Trapkus, and M. Skoryk.

Subsequently, Natalia and George gave a workshop in the big hall of Lviv Music Academy. Both the concert audience and the students that participated in the workshop were excited and inspired.