The Ukrainian-Swiss choir week in Lviv

July 1, 2017, midnight

The choir project under the direction of Abélia Nordmann took place in the first week of July. Completely in the spirit of the HSC's main idea, bringing together the musicians from Western and Eastern Europe, six singers from Switzerland as well as numerous music students from Ukraine took part in the choir week. Together they worked on a program devoted to the topic "Peace". They mastered, among others, the works of Mozart, Wolynsky, and The Beatles. During the concert, there were added meditative imitations of bird songs, rain, and wind in between the pieces. There also was a choir improvisation that used Abélia's "choir piano" method, where the choir improvised following the conductor's hand signs. The well-attended final concert was performed in St. George Cathedral in Lviv, also known as Mozart's church, as it was there that F. X. Mozart had conducted his father's Requiem. Among the audience, there were many young people.

Abélia Nordmann directs choirs, ensembles and music productions in Basel as well as in Switzerland's neighbouring countries. The main focus of her work consists of cross-disciplinary and intercultural bridge projects, contemporary music, and choir improvisations at the unconventional performance locations. Abélia Nordmann is a conductor of the contrapunct chor, the novantik project basel ensemble, the bâlcanto choir, the ensemble liberté project choir, Lörrach children and youth choir, and the trinational enselble Choeur3. She is the active participant of the Artistic Advisory Board of the European Youth Choir Festival Basel and of "H95 – Raum für Kultur" project. She is the co-founder of the experimental acoustic project Markthall as well as of the concert series filter4voices.