Western and Eastern Early Music Concert

In framework of the Ukrainian-Swiss symposium on the topic “Two cultures of one Europe : the Western and Eastern musical traditions” there will be a concert of Orchestra and Choir of the Baroque chapel of  Mykola Lysenko Lviv National Music Academy. (Conductors are A. Ivanyushenko and L. Kapustina).

The concert will take place on November 25, at 18.00 in the big hall of the conservatory.

Selected works of art from Western and Eastern Europe of the sixteenth and the seventeenth century will sound as illustration to the main questions of the symposium, namely : what was going on in Ukraine at a time when A. Korelli was creating his Concerto Grosso in Italy? And what music sounded in Western Europe, when we had  madrigals and part choral singing? These and other questions will be answered in music language.